Thursday, February 7, 2013

Diversity of Quito Ecuador: Cosmopolitan City Nestled in the Andes Mountains

Quito Ecuador is a large metropolitan city with lots to do and see for the traveler and the expat retiree.  Quito boasts three different types of districts within the city, which makes it quite diverse with international appeal. Each of the three main districts that we show in the video are geared to travelers; there's lots to do and see in Quito with never a dull moment.

Although, Quito is obviously not for everyone. If you're moving to Ecuador however, you'll want to visit Quito for at least a couple of weeks (not just one or two days) to get a true feel for what it is really like. If you like shopping, dining in a different restaurant every day/evening, and you like museums, nightclubs, and lots of cultural flair and variety, then Quito is the place. And lets not forget, Quito is nestled in the beautiful Andes Mountains with good weather (at least most of the time).

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  1. Is crossing the street the same type of experience as it is in Cuenca?